Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Boost Your Skills With the Professional Medical Assistant Training

Healthcare industry is booming every day. There is no shortage of exciting opportunities once you complete required training and certifications. However, selection of the training program is a crucial decision because there is plenty to choose from. You need to consider you area of internet and future opportunities before selecting a course.

During your medical assistant training, you will learn plenty of skills and techniques, some of them are described below:

1. Main responsibility of the medical assistants is to provide patients a high level of care. Different techniques will be taught that will help you to provide best care to the patients. You will also learn how to communicate effectively whether talking with patients or doctors.

2. You will be trained on to take vital signs of the patients and perform certain laboratory procedures. Many patients feel stressed because of their uncertainties about these procedures. Hence, you will learn methods that will help you to make them feel calm and relaxed.

3. Medical assistants also share the responsibility of preparing meals for the patients. Hence, your training program will also cover few aspects such as first aid and nutrition topics. You will also learn how to sterilize medical equipment after their usage.

4. These professionals also help doctors and nurses in certain health check procedures associated with diagnosis. Hence, you will also learn how to assist and play your role effectively under the guidance of medical professionals.

5. Even though medical assistant don’t prescribe medicines to the patients, but your training program will cover essential information about different medications, side effects and drug classifications.

6. Medical assistants also take care of many administrative tasks such as finalizing appointments and handling phone calls. Hence, you training will give you better understanding on how to perform these tasks efficiently.

However, it becomes extremely important to ensure that the institute you select to complete your training should have a good reputation. Internet is the best place to get started with your search and look for the names of famous institutes in your city, region or surroundings.

You need to get in touch with the concerned person of the organization to get all your doubts and concerns clarified. Don’t forget to ask them about the previous student’s references, as it will help you making better decision. Always take you time to make the final call.

Friday, September 26, 2014

How Medical Billing Course Can Train You For Job?

Medical billers are responsible for handling billing, payment, coding and insurance procedures in healthcare center. This profession has grown rapidly in last few years and still growing. If you want to make a career in this field, then you must get medical billing training in NYC or any other city.

This course will train you in:

  • Insurance procedures - In every healthcare center, insurance claims are made by patients, whether it is hospital or physician’s office. For becoming a medical biller, you will need to learn about insurance claims procedure. Training will teach you how to fill forms, how to process them etc. You will gather knowledge about how to process claim with insurance claims.

  • Coding – Coding is an important part of billing procedures in healthcare centers. Course will teach you everything you need to know about coding. You will learn about code’s definitions, functionality etc.

  • Terminology – Medical terminology is one of the necessary requirements of this profession. This course will train you in terminology, so that you can understand about different conditions, diseases, treatments on your job. Pronunciations and meaning of terminology is included in training.

  • Software – In healthcare centers, all payments are done by software. This training will teach you more about computer and software. It will teach you in record keeping. You will also learn about maintaining records, taking backups, restoration etc.

  • Laws – In healthcare billing profession, you will need to know about laws, rules, contracts, and regulation. For making proper insurance claims, you will need to know about state’ laws. Legal and ethical responsibilities are also taught in this course.

  • Medicare and Medicaid -Medicare and Medicaid are programs provide by government for few people. These programs offer healthcare services to selected people. For payment, it is necessary for you to learn about both these programs.

  • Certification exam – Certification exam is necessary for becoming medical biller. Course will train you in every aspect of this profession, so that you can easily clear your certification exam. Agencies like the National Health career Association (NHA) conducts certification examination.

All these aspects are necessary in this profession. Proper training covers all these important aspects. After completing your course, you will be trained to do your job properly. Medical billers can get jobs in healthcare centers like physician’s offices, hospitals, nursing homes, insurance companies, and other health facilities etc.

These professionals usually work Monday to Friday, 40 hours per week. However, some of them also work part time or on weekends. It can be a dream job for anyone.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Why You Need The Best Medical Assistant Training?

Medical assistants are qualified and experienced health care professionals that have to undertake administrative and clinical duties in a health care clinic.

To be a part of health care industry and asset for the health care firm, one needs to qualify for such profile. This is only possible, if one gets enroll in a good medical assistant training center in NYC or elsewhere, which is necessary needs to be good in the field.

In addition to this, center must be renowned, experienced and accredited. These all factors help candidates to pursue quality training from good center.

In the center, candidate becomes acquainted with two type of training program i.e. administrative and clinical. Each program has certain set of task and duties that must be learnt by candidates pursuing aide-training program. However, job duty depends on the candidate residing area, working location and total number of members in health care clinic.

Following is the description about the duties of an aide in health care clinic or hospital:

Duties of administrative medical assistant: Administrative job task comprise of front desk duties, which is as follows:

  • Greeting patients at time of arrival
  • Scheduling and managing appointments
  • Keep track of patients, who are in hospital and have been discharged
  • Note medical history of patient
  • Perform diagnostic coding
  • Sometimes, assistants might also have to maintain records of patient bills, handle credits, handle collection of bills, talk to insurance company, fill out insurance forms
  • Maintain inventory, laboratory, and office supplies and make a note that all essentials are there in office
  • Good in communication skills
  • Communicate with medical facilities
  • Talk politely with patients
  • Manage calls for purpose like scheduling appointments, transferring of calls etc.

Duties of clinical medical assistant: Clinical job duties are purely based on medical job duties like

  • Note patient history for treatment
  • Collect specimens
  • Take specimens to laboratory for tests
  • Apply latest medical techniques for treatment
  • Prevent infection from getting spread in hospital or clinic
  • Prepare patients for examinations, procedures, and treatments
  • Make patient feel comfortable before the treatment or tests
  • Perform diagnostic tests, including EKG.
  • Taking blood samples for examination
  • Performing certain lab tests
  • Maintain the patient test results
  • Handle equipment to keep them sanitized before and after they are used
  • Maintain medication and immunization records
  • Manage patient care information with other health care providers

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Handling Accounts Of Health Care Industry - Medical Billers

In the healthcare field, account related tasks are done by professionals called medical billers. These trained professionals can be seen in any healthcare center such as hospitals, nursing homes, insurance companies, clinics or physician’s offices. These experts work with codes and insurance claims etc. For becoming a professional in this field, one needs to get medical biller training.

Salary – Usually these professionals earn from 30,000 to 40,000 US dollars. However, those with additional credentials earn even more. Their salary depends on various facts such as their education, experience, location of job etc. Their hourly wages are between 15 to 20 US dollars. Newly trained people may earn lesser that that but with experience, their wages increase. Salaries also depend on states. In some states, their wages are higher compare to others.

Work hours – Their work hours are usually 40 hours per week from Monday to Friday. Their schedule is from 9 to 5 and they can also work from home. They do not work on weekends or in late evenings. It depends on their clients, if they are working from home, as well as on their work location. Their work hours can be flexible depending on their clients and their preferences.

Certification – In this field, National Health Career Association (NHA), conducts an exam called ‘billing and coding specialist certification’. After certification, one can become certified professional coder or commonly known as CPC. This certified exam offers more career opportunities. However, in some state, there is no need for certification.

Work – Medical billers complete various tasks in healthcare centers such as:

  • Processing insurance claims of clients and submitting them to insurance companies for further processing
  • Reviewing and resubmitting claims that are rejected by insurance companies
  • Working on different medical codes and terminology
  • Keeping the records and histories of patients
  • Creating, deleting and updating payment records of patients
  • Preparing bills and updating records
  • Doing the paper work of healthcare centers

Education – For this profession, one must have at least high school diploma or its equivalent. With this completed education requirement, one is eligible for training.

Other than education, one must be good with numbers and computers. In this profession, usually all work is done on computers. This field is related with accounts, so it becomes necessary for trainee to be good with numbers. Paying attention to details, communication skills and organization skills are other qualities that are needed in a medical biller.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Start Your Career As Medical Biller With Ace Institute

Start your career as medical biller with Ace Institute. Our medical training program provides full knowledge and skills that you need to enter this growing field. In this course you’ll learn to process invoices and obtain accurate reimbursements while complying with federal regulations. For more information, please feel free to call one of our caring representatives in our Manhattan (212.695.9700) or Queens (718.575.3223) location.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Medical Assistant Certificate Training Program In New York City

Ace medical institute can help launch your career in the healthcare field. Our medical assistant training programs are designed to prepare the students to handle administrative responsibilities & clinical duties in healthcare settings such as medical offices, clinics and ambulatory care facilities. Please call us at (212) 695 9700 and we will find a solution that satisfies your needs.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Medical Technology Certificate Programs in New York City

The medical technology courses at Ace Institute in New York city, offers exciting educational and career opportunities for students with multiple skills and talents in a wide variety of clinical and administrative tasks such as patient reception, producing reports, answering telephones etc.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Medical Assistant Training - Certification Program In NYC

Search for a medical assistant school in New York? Ace Institute offers day and evening classes, hands-on learning, and job placement for one of the fastest growing healthcare fields in America. We offer a variety of programs, including medical administrative assistant, medical assistant, and medical billing & coding specialist. For more information and to learn more about opportunities in medical field, please feel free to call us at (212) 695 9700.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Search For Best Medical Assistant School In NY?

Looking for best medical assistant school in New York? Ace Institute of Technology could help you get started on the path to a career in the health care industry. Our medical programs prepare students to compete for entry level medical assisting positions. Call at (212) 695 9700 to know more opportunities in medical field.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Institutes That Offer Quality Medical Emergency Training in NYC

 There are several institutes that offer quality medical emergency training in NYC. So if you are living in New York, make sure to get enrolled in the right institute. Ace Institute of Technology is a good place to start if you want to get into the medical industry. For more information and to learn more about our various medical courses at Ace, please feel free to Contact us at (212) 695 9700 in MANHATTAN and (718)­575 3223 in QUEENS.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Certified Program In Medical Billing and Coding Field

Looking for expert medical coding training to make your career in medical billing field? At Ace Career Institute you can get best medical billing & coding program which is designed to prepare students for careers in a variety of healthcare settings. This Course teaches the different procedures for billing, reviewing, and filing of health insurance claim forms. Call now at (212) 695 9700 & get complete information about our various medical program.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Looking For Best Medical Assistant Training School In New York?

If you are looking for best medical assistant training school in New York, Ace Career Institute fulfil all your medical requirements. We offer a variety of programs including medical office & certified nurse assistant, EKG, pharmacy & phlebotomy technician, medical billing & coding specialist. For more information, please call us at: (212) 695 9700.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Looking For The Best Phlebotomy Certification In New York?

Looking for certified Phlebotomy training in New York? Ace career is the top accredited medical institute that help you to make career as a phlebotomy technician. After the completion of this course you obtain more job opportunities with complete job security at higher pay scale.